al|to|geth|er1 W3S2 [ˌo:ltəˈgeðə US ˌo:ltəˈgeðər] adv
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: all 'everything, everyone' + together]
1.) used to emphasize that something has been done completely or has finished completely
an old custom that has vanished altogether
Congress could ban the procession altogether.
2.) [+adjective/adverb]
used to emphasize that the way you describe something is completely true
In Canada, the situation is altogether different.
This latest problem is altogether more serious.
not altogether
(=not completely)
I wasn't altogether happy about Mike staying over.
The results were not altogether surprising.
3.) used to show that you are referring to the total amount
There were five people altogether.
How much do I owe you altogether?
4.) used to make a final statement about several things you have just mentioned
= ↑all in all
Lots of sunshine, wonderful food, and amazing nightlife - altogether a great vacation!
altogether 2
altogether2 n
in the altogether
not wearing any clothes - used humorously
Several of the men were parading around in the altogether.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.